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A Peek Into Local Fashion Brand: Bilang

It began with two stylists, both on the same pursuit of the right clothing pieces to complete their glamorous visions of their clients’ outfits which eventually led to the
formation of ethereal fashion brand, Bilang. Celebrating minimalism and subtleness for those unafraid to go against the grain, Bilang is the brainchild of Zulhelmi Kamaluddin and
Fikri Afif Daud, the duo stylists behind the fashion-crazed 1001 brand. The name stems from the word “every” in Bruneian Malay which encompasses the holistic elements
that the brand holds near and dear. With this in mind, for their debut capsule collection “Bilang Eid 2021”, the brand came up with five versatile looks (with sizes
running up to XXL) toting earthy, minimal designs which inspires each wearer to style each piece in their own way.

IG: @bybilang


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