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Salma, Soraya, Budi, Yasmin — wonderful names on their own and elevated even further when matched to the Annual Raya 2024 Collection by local fashion house, Bilang. Their interactive private presentation exclusively held for esteemed loyal clients and partners was a full house that included some of the country’s most well known fashionistas and creatives. The preview took place two days before the official public debut, allowing invited guests to revel in the first glimpse of Bilang’s latest creations before anyone else. Not only that, but they also had the chance to immerse themselves in the feel of the fabric and explore a range of available swatches for the collection. The wonderful styling of the event as a Hari Raya open house made the atmosphere even more festive, with the ever welcome Raya kueh and makan-makan.

‘Raya 2024’ is a stunning compendium that pays homage to the diverse sartorial forms of womenswear and menswear in the region that were beautifully captured through mainstream media, film, and photography over the last decades. The collection, which coincides with Bilang’s third anniversary, includes nine ensembles that manifest the timeless allure of classical silhouettes, as well as elevated designs from Bilang’s past collections, curated to evince charm. Tailored for comfort for the Eid season, every look is carefully crafted, fusing together a tasteful combination of colour palettes, pleasant textures and patterns, resulting in a truly mesmerising visual aesthetic. Every look in this collection is given a name that represents its distinct inspiration, style and adornments.

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