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Written by Farah Irewan

The ‘2024 Kinabalu Music Fest’ is happening this time around from 30th August to the 1st of September at the KDCA Hall in Penampang with Art & Culinary as their main highlighted feature for their festivities. A range of music fusion and gastronomic delicacies await at this three-day party with the highly anticipated concert happening on the night of 31st August.

A fresh line-up of local and international artists such as Masdo, Bunkface, Elica Paujin and Atmosfera are locked in for a grand performance and better yet, Indonesia’s own re

markable artist, former member of Dewa19, Once Mekel, is in attendance. More activities are in for the occasion like art exhibitions, interactive workshops, culinary pop-ups and even surprise entertainments, with the inclusion of small vendors and food trucks, for all the crowd to enjoy their time to the fullest.

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