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Elegance and creativity were on full display during the Sogetsu Ikebana Workshop during the Lifelong Learning Centre (L3C) in Lambak Kanan! Ninety participants joined the workshop on the true art of flower arrangement from certified Sogetsu Ikebana instructors from Japan. This was also under the arrangement by the Asahi Cross Cultural Exchange (ACCI). Like many Japanese traditions, Ikebana is rooted in principles of harmony, balance and simplicity, featuring a minimalistic use of blooms, leaves and branches to create lines and spaces within an arrangement. ‘Anytime, Anywhere, by anyone’, is the core theory of Sogetsu Ikebana, encouraging creative exploration. Participants were also thrilled by the beautiful traditional kimonos the visiting instructors wore. Master Instructor Maeda Sanae comes from a long heritage of Ikebana practitioners, and has dedicated her life to the traditional Japanese art.

Ikebana keeps the mind sharp even while the body becomes slow, according to Maeda. Effortlessly articulate with a graceful demeanour, even at the age of , it certainly seems true. This year marks the 40th anniversary of established diplomatic relations between Japan and Brunei, with more cultural activities planned for the rest of 2024 by the Japan Embassy. Deputy Permanent Secretary (Culture) and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS), Dr. Siti Norkhalbi binti Haji Wahsalfelah was present as Guest of Honour. His Excellency Maeda Toru, Ambassador of Japan to Brunei Darussalam, also in attendance.


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