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Local film director Abdul Zainidi has made it to the Berlinale Talents Summit ! The director of indie films ‘The Worm and The Widow’ and ‘Still Vanishing Children’, was chosen from over 3,832 applicants from 131 countries. He is also the first Bruneian out of the 202 emerging filmmakers to be selected to attend. The Berlinale’s website describes the event as cultural facilitators aiming to bring sustainable connections amongst the world’s most promising filmmakers and series creators.

“Our participants stand out for their creative vision as well as their impact on their local communities”. The event has become a unique forum for film professionals who seek to grow and develop their technical and creative skills in filmmaking. Critical guidance, mentorship, contacts and exposure for their projects are all key attractors of the Berlinale Talents Summit. This year’s event included the attendance of huge talents like Tsai Ming-Liang, director of the ongoing ‘Walker’ series, award-winning director Martin Scorsese and actress Lupita Nyong’o.


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