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Meet World Conscious Jewellery Brand O’Kiara

Beauty may fade but an awareness and consciousness of nature’s surroundings will last forever, O’Kiara believes—and we totally agree. If you’re not already familiar with O’Kiara, the earthy aesthetics of their intricately designed polymer clay jewellery basically speak for itself. Inspired by the laidback lifestyle of islanders, Andrea and Oliver work this natural vibe into the designs and textures of their jewellery while prioritizing ethically handmade products with a minimal production and packaging process.

Drawn to beauty but driven by the state of the current climate, O’Kiara doesn’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Rightfully priding themselves on being the “Youth of the Future”, they extend these values to their customers with eco-conscious initiatives such as ensuring that one tree is planted with every product purchased. A “Shop Other Artisans” section on their website is also where the duo collaborates and promotes other artisans in a bid to provide another platform for the creative industry during the MCO. Their Workshop Academy
Classes is where the duo coaxes the creativity out of students in the form of a hands-on clay jewellery making experience because “everyone is creative in their own way and the arts should be expressed freely.” The realities of our ever-changing world rarely come in the form of pretty jewellery, but when it does, we’ll take it!

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