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Of Tea and Poetry at the Dilmah T-Lounge

It was a night of tea and poetry at the Dilmah Tea Lounge as poets and lovers of the written art came together on March 21 to celebrate World Poetry Day. First implemented by UNESCO in 1999 and dedicated to “promoting the reading, writing and teaching of poetry while raising the visibility of poetry in the media”, the day sees people from all over the world honouring the time-old tradition of poetry recitations. Doing their part to spread literary cheer through all existing and aspiring Bruneian poets, Heartwrite.Co and Dilmah T-Lounge collaborated to organise an Open Mic Poetry reading night, the first of its kind in the locality.

With free flowing hot and iced tea for guests to enjoy, the open-to-public event pulled in a great turnout which contributed to a sparkling atmosphere made of eager souls and keen hearts. True to the spirit of an open mic, guests interested in reciting their pieces were encouraged to make a beeline for the sign-up sheet, arousing a spontaneous air in the crowd as people mustered up the courage to perform their favourite poems in front of a crowd. While most speakers recited original pieces inspired by an array of modern day topics such as the #Metoo movement, several also alluded to relatable sentiments of the human mind such as anxiety, forgiveness, familial love as well as real life romances. However, guests were also very much welcome to share the work of their favourite poets.

Whether reading from sheaths of paper, dog-eared notebooks or just straight from the heart, listeners and speakers alike shared a feeling of kinship with one another as they enjoyed a unique experience which thrived on feel-good vibes eliciting a warm feeling in tummies all around (and we’re not just talking about the delicious tea).

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