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Since 1 July 2023, all KrisFlyer customers on Singapore Airlines flights across the globe have begun to enjoy free access to in-flight Wi-Fi. This makes Singapore Airlines one of the first airlines in the world to offer complimentary Wi-Fi coverage at such scale. Here are five ways to enjoy this perk while you’re in the air. 


1. For the last-minute trip-planner

The spontaneous souls among us might find themselves checking into a flight without having firm plans for accomodation or transport. For daring adventurers like this, having Wi-Fi on a flight lends you some extra time to book hotels and arrange airport transfers.


2. For the busy bee

Sometimes there are just a few pesky last to-dos standing in between you and your getaway and this one’s for those among us who cannot rest until all’s sorted at the workplace —or at least, as much as it can be sorted. With free Wi-Fi, you can now access any work apps on board en route to your destination, and answer any urgent work messages. 


3. For some meditative me-time

Long-haul flights offer plenty of time to centre yourself and switch into calm, holiday-ready mindset. Newcomes to meditation will be pleased to discover a wealth of apps that can help put you on the path to calmness, clarity and mindfulness. Apps like Ten Percent Happier and Headspace: Mindful Meditation offer extensive libraries of audio-guided meditation sessions tailored to your needs of the moment. 


4. For the social butterfly

Free Wi-Fi allows you to keep in touch with your loved ones. Whether through instant messaging or social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you’ll always be a few clicks away from the people you love of if you’re looking to coordinate with your friends in your destination country and plan your upcoming adventure.


How to access free Wi-Fi on Singapore Airlines flights

To enjoy this service, ensure that you add your Krisflyer number when making your booking, via “Manage Booking” on or the Singapore Air mobile app. or at check-in. 


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