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“What About Kuching?” Well, we’ll probably need a whole month to explain it to you all. A whole month of Cat City-themed celebrations, that is. Held annually every October, the What About Kuching Festival brings a month of celebration, education and fun to the theme of celebrating acts, culture and lifestyle that takes over the whole city. Collaborators from Sarawak, Sabah, Peninsular Malaysia and around the world come to showcase their talents, be it in theatre, arts or gastronomy, and many more! 

The community-driven celebrations attracts thousands of people to Kuching thanks to the wide range or workshops and exciting performances available. This year, the City of Cats had an extra -special treat. Eleanor Sinclair, a traditional dancer from Scotland, brought a unique aspect to this year’s program while teaching Sarawakians about traditional Scottish dance at the Track & Dance Studio. Musical performances and songbirds of course had a huge part in entertaining the city; whether it was a show, workshop or even a classical symphony, there was something for everyone. Inspired by the hit film, Crazy Rich Asians, the ‘All That Jazz’ event as especially thrilling with the added dress code to liven things up even more. We can’t wait to discover more About Kuching next year!


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