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Get yourself on a plate to ‘Straya because Lucky Beach in the secluded town of Esperance, Western Australia, was recently crowned the ‘Best Beach in the World’ by travel experts, journalists, influencers and the good people of sunscreen brand Banana Boat. Of course, an Australian beach (or five) were going to make it into the list of 50, but it seems the combination of Lucky Beach’s elements made it, well, lucky.

Aside from the prerequisite of pristine white sand for miles (of which Lucky Bay’s is exceptionally blinding), dazzling blue water and some friendly kangaroos that might cross paths with you while lounging on the beach, the five kilometer long area is also situated in the important Cape le Grand National Park. This ancient landscape has been above sea level for well over 200 million years and is home to many primitive relict species that formerly roamed most of the Australian continent. For all its untouched glory, you may think there is little to do here besides repeatedly baking yourself in the sun and cooling down in the cool water. However, you can also indulge in activities like kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, camping and surfing. There are also freshwater pools around that are great to explore for local marine life, and migrating whales to spot if you’re there between July to October. Just remember the rules apply when interacting with local wildlife and landscapes here so no feeding the friendly ‘roos any snacks or drinks!

The town of Esperance is around an eight-hour flight from Perth, Western Australia. From Esperance, Lucky Bay and the surrounding Cape Le Grand National Park are a 45-minute drive east. Western Australia recognises and acknowledge the Wudjari people as the traditional owners of Cape Le Grand National Park.

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