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Discover the latest creative businesses around Borneo that excel in making their own products one of a kind and just for you! Customised craft has never been easier to covet. The era of owning your style is officially here! From sleek leather accessories to custom casting, you’ll be sure to find something you love or want to gift.



Luxury crafted goods are the trade in which self-trained leatherworker, Hairie Firdaus, has dedicated himself to. He says the craftsmanship and artistry involved in working with leather inspires him greatly, and he particularly loves the hands-on process of crafting and working with this remarkable material. Designing his own style of items like wallets and keychains using high quality imported leather, Hafi finds joy in producing personalised work for his clients and making sure that each piece is a perfect fit. 




Capture special milestones and memories forever with these impressive plaster cast sculptures! As the first business in Brunei to offer this creative archival technique, the couple behind this business are popular for the hand and feet casts that can be painted and framed to make meaningful memento. Casting takes time after the initial mound is made, to allow for curing of the plaster so you should factor this in when book a spot. Casting session are conducted at their home or customer’s location for your convenience. 

IG: @daffodil_lifecasting




These customisable paint-by-number pieces are a cute idea to gift anyone, including yourself! You can create unique pieces of art that will have more sentimental value and the added bonus of being a fun activity to do with loved ones. 





Inspired by the intricacy of Japanese felters’ pet portraits, art enthusiast Yee Shien decided to commemorate a special stray cat in her life called ‘Xiao Hui’, and has found a growing audience who have gravitated towards this sweet intersection of memorialisation and art. Every work is painstakingly hand-felted using cotton and can take hours to complete, but Yee Shien says “the immense joy my clients radiated the moment they saw their pets being brought back to them is very fulfilling”.

IG: @yunnana23


When craft hobbies took off during the pandemic, it seemed like the whole world had (thankfully) discovered textile art. Tuft Bar is the only commercial shop in Brunei that specialises in tufting workshops and made to order custom rugs that will add a special touch to any space!





Already well known for her clay craft items and jewellery, we’re here for Nin’s adorable range of key caps that have an amazing amount of detail in such a small item and are fully customisable to whatever your heart desires! She spends hours sculpting and designing these unique accessories to personalise your keyboard experience.  

IG: @chimamo.artisan




Munira is a passionate hand embroidery enthusiast who discovered her love for needlework in 2020 when she gifted her mother with a special embroidery piece. She specialises in customer embroidery, offering personalised designs based on clients’ preferences, and also offers intricate portrait outlines from your pictures. 

IG: @mn.needleworks




This art-merchandise brand focuses on lino printed products, such as tote bags and canvas art prints for customised items that are original and distinctive of owner Stephy’s cutting style. Each artwork is meticulously designed on a linoleum sheet, hand-carved and printed, which means no product is ever the exact same! Most famous for the ‘Sarawak Girls’ design series, which follows the brand’s signature cutting style and gold accents, she can also add an extra touch with hand painted names on the bags or totes. 

IG: @mischiefmonkeyofficial




Low’s Peak Leather Goods are handmade in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and full of the skilled finesse required to master this natural material. The brand is known for the batik-backed design in their lanyards and ID cardholders, giving it a true Bornean spirit that you can take anywhere with you.

IG: @lows.peak





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