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The Beribi Industrial Park was abuzz with anticipation as BIBD Perdana Privilege clients and invited guests were treated to an exclusive preview experience of the Defender Plug-in Hybrid (PHEW) at Indera Motors Sdn Bhd. “(The) Defender’s name precedes it, with a legendary heritage,” said Alfred Yong, Indera Motors General Manager, in his opening speech. “as part of a sustainability-rich vision of modern luxury by design, the Defender is available with its adventure-ready design, durability and steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability.”

A huge development in both transportation as well as sustainability, the new model is just on aspect of Brunei’s “electrification” strategy. And it doesn’t end there, as Sales Manager Hairol Ajak pointed out. Land Rover Brunei also introduced a charging port at their Service Centre in early 2023, “offering a step towards accessible charging”, and more are expected to be available across Land Rover retail spaces in 2024, to ensure convenient charging options for clients. EV stations may not be a commonplace in Brunei, but that’s not stopping Indera Motors, or the Defender — your purchase comes with a wall box charger for home charging as well as a portable charger for replenishing on-the-go. As the first Defender PHEV in Brunei, the P400e model is the most powerful and fuel-efficient, with 0-60mph in 5.4 seconds. capability and as little as 74g/km of CO2 emissions. this five – or six seater has an electric motor that delivers instant torque for zero emission on and off- road driving.

Rising interest in sustainable living can also be seen in Brunei “Moving forward, people would like to save the world, so eventually we’ll have to not rely on full ICE (internal combustion engines),” Product Manager, Ahmad Sajjaad Rusli, remarked on the growing popularity of EV’s among the public with increasing awareness about the environment. “With hybrids or even full electric vehicles, we could save the world and reduce emissions.”

When asked how the introduction of EV’s could affect traditional car sales for Indera Motors. Ahmad said their strategies haven’t changed. “Right now, we are more focused on educating the public. Hybrids or EVs are not really known to them so this whole year is about (raising) awareness about hybrid vehicles. As for the future, perhaps the whole of brunei would take to these (eco-friendly cars), as a way to save the environment and move forward. Electrification is the future.” Indeed, it is. 

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