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Brunei Darussalam

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Eat, Drink Sarawak: DimDim DimSum

Opened since 2018, DimDim DimSum is gradually garnering the attention as one of the few places in Kuching offering dimsum which are freshly-handmade in-house. There is a huge emphasis on using wholesome and fresh ingredients in the food served at DimDim, and no MSG is used at all.

Some must-tries at DimDim include the ubiquitous siu mai, which on the first bite was bursting with flavour – not boring at all! The har gao which is often the bar by which a dimsum place is judged – is beautifully wrapped and filled with a generous portion of shrimp.

Other noteworthy items on the menu include the popular shrimp ball with ham and the unassuming but deeply-satisfying home-made beef balls.

The proprietors that run the restaurant have travelled extensively in order to improve on what they can offer, and that commitment is truly reflected in the standard of the food served here.

Non-halal. Opens from 8am to 4pm daily, except Wednesdays.

FB: @DimDimDimSumRestaurant
Tel: +6019-819 6060


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