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Small Town Art Market Goes to Miri

by Irene Chan

The Small Town Art Market (STAM) in Kuching, Sarawak

Small Town Art Market (STAM) is going to Miri!

The two-day event will from will be held at Coco Cabana Miri from 3-4 March, and there are plenty of activities lined up,  including “workshops, food, music, lights and good vibes!”

For the first time ever, the arts market will be held in a venue outside of Kuching. Bringing along over 20 local talents with them, the STAM fam is set on a mission: to foster out-of-box thinking and nurture creativity, whilst offering a platform for both local entrepreneurs and creatives alike to shine. There will also be various fun activities and performances, for everyone else!

Rachel and Marilyn Ang, the sisters who launched STAM

The first Small Town Art Market was held in Kuching on the 16 September 2016, the first Small Town Art Market (STAM) launched, with a total of 6 vendors. At their last event, STAM counted 37 participating vendors at their event, which also featured various talents including music performances and a break-dancing troupe.

Find out more about the STAM FAM’s upcoming events and activities by checking them out on Instagram or Facebook.