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Written by Jia Ying Chia |

Ahh, the sweet smell of charcoal briquettes and burning wood. Nothing stirs the appetite like a good old fashioned barbecue or some flame-grilling action. That elusive ‘wok hei’‘ is sought after for good reason and being (kinda) burnt never hurt a good piece of meat! We’ve scoured the island for some of the great places to enjoy the tastiest fire-cooked meals and can’t wait for you to try them.



The names says it all — for a grilling good time, you’ll love having meals at Grill’s n More. Featuring aromatic Arabic cuisine and the skills of their head chef who hails from the Middle East has spent many years honing his craft. Meats are tender, juicy and lean, so you’re getting a big bite of protein! If you don’t have the crowd for one of their enormous sharing platters (hello lamb shanks!), try their chicken and beef kebabs which are an ideal meal for any time of the day, and they come with a gloriously whipped garlic sauce (Toum) and homemade chilli dressing. Of course, there are carbs involved and the fluffy Arabic rice is perfectly spiced with cloves and other aromatics.

IG:   |   Unit 3, Ground Floor, Block C, Bangunan Hj A Rahman & Hjh Siti Ajar & Anak2, Kg Kiulap, Bandar Seri Begawan



Love a curry but need to cater for a wider variety of tastes? Tandoor has something for everybody! This charming restaurant boasts authentic Indian cooking with options for Arabic or Western dishes that even picky eaters will like. The interior of the restaurants has just the right amount of luxe to make anymeal feel special. You’ll find lots of fiery and fire-y flavours here as they have an in-house tandoor oven that delivers the necessary char and heat for succulent, moist meats or fish with loads of herbs and spices locked in. Try the unique Lahori Paneer Tikka, a fresh, sliced cottage cheese infused with coriander paste roasted over charcoal, or the Nizam Special Tandoori Chicken – a half or full chicken marinated in spiced yoghurt and grilled in the tandoor with cream sauce. Now that’s a meal worth celebrating.

IG: @tandoorbrunei   |   Unit 3 & 4, Bangunan Hj majid, Jalan Pasar Baru, Gadong, Bandar Seri Begawan



What  a hidden gem! Bombay Palace is easily serving up some of the best North Indian food in Brunei and some insanely delicious Tandoor or Chicken Tikka. Fresh off the tandoor, it’s a joy in every bite especially drizzled with a wedge of tangy lime. Northern India is the region home to the tandoor roti and naans (bread made in a clay tandoor oven), and the smokiness of the charcoal oven really comes through in their fluffy breads. The restaurants in homely and inviting, with great service from the super attentive staff! The recipes are unapologetically authentic and full of bite, thanks to the family team behind the business, and you can taste the love and care that’s going into each dish on the menu. Get a side of samosas and enjoy the winning combo with their mint and tamarind dips.

IG: @bombaypalacebrunei   |   Block B, Banguanan Hj Menuddin, Jalan Batu Bersurat, Bandar Seri Begawan


It’s the place to go for delicious Western-style barbecue without the cookout stress. This classic steakhouse has served up beefy goodness in Brunei since 2006. Charcoal thinks there’s no better way to enjoy a premium steak then cooking it over fire and want to give customers the best, no shortcuts! Whatever cut you prefer, from Rib-eye  to a big ol’ T-Bone, every bite will be cooked to your preferred doneness. If you;re feeling extra, go for the Wagyu; available in several cuts that will melt in your mouth and have you singing praises. Not a fan of the moo-meat? Charcoal BBQ & Grill’s extensive menu has other proteins and of course, a ton of side dishes to complement the meal. The kid’s menu makes it an excellent family destination. A place to relax and keep it casual, with great steaks, big value and good vibes!

IG: @charcoalbrunei   |   Kilometers 2.5, Jln Tutong, The Crowne Princess Complex, Bandar Seri Begawan


We know and love Kimchi for its delicious Korean Barbeque and modern Korean cuisine options (did we mention that it’s halal?) but did you know that they also have handmade tteokbokki? Their recipe includes cooking the rice flour mixture cooked over a controlled flame so that ultimate chewiness of the rice cakes is achieved! We are loving the new Tteokbokki dish, Chijeu Tteokbokki, which have a good spicy kick and sweet tang to ensure maximum munching power. With lots of gooey, melted mozzarella on top, it’s the perfect balancing act of savoury and sweet to complement the crush of the vegetables and soft, chewy rice cakes. It’s no wonder the restaurants has been thriving since 2009!

IG: @kimchibrunei   |   Unit 19, Block B, Regent Square, Kiulap, Bandar Seri Begawan


At Nyonya, you’re blessed with good food. This institution in the Bruneian food and beverage industry has been serving the nation since 1992 and with their recent revamp came a renewed determination to continue their legacy of delectable Southeast Asian Fusion food. Ayam Bakar is a wonderful treat, especially when it’s done right, and at Nyonya Restaurant you’ll find one of the best versions of this classic Malay-Indonesian dish. Juicy, succulent and savoury, this is a hearty meal that satisfies. Paired with the classic accompaniment of fluffy white rice, spicy soy sauce, fried tempe and tofu, this is a dish you’ll want to eat til’ last grain of rice is gone.

IG: @restaurantnyonya   |   No. 3, Bangunan Hasbullah 1, Jalan Gadong, Bandar Seri Begawan Tel: 673 827 2272


What started out as Ang Bee Fong’s passion for great dining experiences has turned into one of Brunei’s most well-known steak restaurants. From its original location during the 80’s  in the now-defunct Riverview Hotel to the bring, modern space at Kiulap, the family-run Senja Lounge knows its steaks. ‘Consistency at a high level’ and affordable mid to high tier dining experience, it what they aim for and the steals are certainly living up to this standard. Locally sourced, imported high-grade beef is given the necessary char treatment, which manager Ang Cheng says is important to make sure that what they serve is cooked to bring out its best flavours and texture. Think of a juicy steak and Senja is going to put that on your plate, preferably medium rare but you do you. The restaurant is welcoming enough that you could pop in for a nice solo meal, or get a little glammed up for any kind of celebration or family dinner.

IG:   |   Unit 8 & 9, Seri Q-lap Complex, Spg 88, Jalan Komersial Kiulap, Bandar Seri Begawan


For the best of South African hospitality, Braai does it best. This semi-formal venue is designed to make sure you can enjoy the occasion with friends or family; the three-storey space sports a stunning outdoor firepit seating area right on the Kota Batu riverside – perfect for catching the sunset with a good mocktail in hand! Their juicy high-grade imported steaks are cooked over the restaurant’s outdoor fire grill – a spectacular sight that the owners say is key to their menu and the essence of a good Braai, the South African term for a long barbecue gathering where friends and family feast on food and enjoy time together. The smoke from the local and sustainably sourced mangrove wood imparts a flavour and scent that can’t be replicated from electric or gas appliances and the team at Braai are committed to maintaining this quality.

IG:   |   No. 548, kg Dato Gandi, Jln Kota Batu, Bandar Seri Begawan Tel: 673 895 6666


Who would’ve thought that you’d find American-style smoked brisket in Brunei, and all the way in Kuala Belait no less! This humble home business does things the right way – low and slow, smoking the Australian-imported beef until all the flavours from has own secret dry rub recipe are infused and the meat literally oozes its juices. YUM! Brisket takes time so be sure to check his Instagram for slot updates. There’s even a free delivery option if you don’t have time to pick up your order, so convenient! You can get a 400-gram pack all for yourself and have it in different ways; in sandwiches, salads or just on its own with some good cheese and pickles, or grab a slab for those big gatherings and be sure that everyone will remember the brisket you brought!

IG: @smoked_n_grilled


Love lamb? You’ll be in heaven with BN Grills who do whole lamb roasts Asador, a South American form of grilling a whole animal skewered on a cross-shaped revolving grill, against an open flame. It’s a family affair; each member plays a part in getting the whole lamb ready and roasted to a dreamy tenderness, and with their patriarch’s experience and passion for post-riding barbecue sessions, you know there’s a masterful art (and a lot of patience!) in their process. The Australian imported Halal meat usually comes in an a minimum of 15 kilograms, cooked for five to six hours. The men in the family take turns rotating the asador until the skin is crisp, with a toothier tenderness underneath. They like to keep it ‘kampung style’ too with simple marinades so the lamb flavour really shines, and dipping sauce is kept to the quintessential kicap and chilli mix. BN Grills carves and delivers the lamb in warmer trays, if you’re not looking for their live cook experience.

IG: @BN.Grill   |   Tel: 673 837 4409


Looking for an elegant private venue, and there’s premium grade steaks and meat? It’s got to be The Blue Roomby d’Annex! With options for private room dining and normal restaurant seating, you can enjoy a beef-alicious experience whichever mood you’re in. Known for their range of high-quality steaks and shabu-shabu meat, it’s a great place to hang out with friends over a good long meal and kick back with fantastic food and drinks! From Wagyu, to Australian Grade A, it is always going to be a ‘yummy in your tummy’ dinner at The Blue Room. reservations are recommended so make sure to call ahead!

IG:   |   1st Floor, Unit 10, Eng Ho Complex, Tungku Link, Bandar Seri Begawan


Abdul Syafiq Iqbal Abdul Manap is an entrepreneur at heart; starting Seven Sporks in 2018 after helping a friend on their fitness journey, he’s had health on his mind for a very long time. Now a full-time nutritionist and food business owner, Abdul Syafiq remains determined to show Bruneians’ that healthy can mean lots of flavour and good fats, especially when you employ the right techniques to cooking. By adapting the meal components, you’ll be getting nutritionally sound meals at Seven Sporks and they still do their popular delivery meal plans that help you stay on track no matter what your dietary needs are. Trade secret? Abdul Syafiq’s personal favourite on the menu is the Garlic Beef Bowl, which has a little char action on the succulent protein pieces for that tasty ‘wok hei ‘.

IG: @seven.sporks   |   House No. 6, Spg 223, 3, Jalan Subok, Bandar Seri Begawan.



They say ‘Delicious starts at Shoney’s’ and boy are they right. Reputable and hearty comfort food is what this Southern-style American dining experience is known for, thanks to its head chef who trained professionally in the state of Louisiana, the heart of Cajun and Creole culture. It’s usually busy no matter what time of the day you go in, thanks to all its regulars who rave about the Rib-eye steak and Barbecue Ribs, so it’s best to call ahead for reservations. And who wouldn’t? Tender, juicy steak done just right or falling off the bone, sticky-sweet rib meat, it’s hard choice! This family-friendly establishment also has delectable mains like the crispy and comforting Southern Fried Chicken, which all come with three side dishes of your choice. Portions are big so put on the stretchy pants, do some laps and get ready to have a feed at Shoney’s Dining & Bar! Shoney’s does not serve pork and all meat is certified Halal, but the restaurant does serve alcoholic beverages.

IG: @shoneysdiningbar   |   No. 1, Lot 52, Ground Floor, Jln Gaya, Lorong Ewan, Kota Kinabalu



Oh, what a Happy Place to be! This Western and Local cuisine restaurant is a favourite among Sabahans and visitors to the Kolombong area for being consistently tasty, reasonably priced and providing good service. Fancy a juicy grilled steak with mash and veggies, or a savoury and sweet Mee Mamak? You can have both at this ambient and modern establishment that not only has a delicious wine selection but makes for a great venue for hire. So whether it’s an everyday thing or a little extra special celebration, come to the Happy Place and make each moment memorable!

IG: @happyplacerestaurant   |   Komplex BSA, Off Miles

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