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The Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) through Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) feted the return of the Temburong Farmers Market in a vibrant showcase of local entrepreneurship, community spirit, and cultural diversity. Following the success of the inaugural event, the second Temburong Farmer’s Market was held on the weekend of the 25th and 26th November at the Super Tree grounds and Waterfront, captivating visitors from 8AM to 5PM. Visitors got to experience dance performances by Temburong youth and some all-ages festival games, adding an extra layer of fun to the Temburong Farmers Market experience.

Light exercises and wellness sessions curated by an external partner was a thoughtful addition aimed at creating a comprehensive experience, fostering not only entrepreneurial growth but also promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This platform for meaningful connections between local producers and the community included over 20 participating vendors where visitors could explore an array of locally crafted products, fresh produce and unique creations. DARe extends a warm invitation to everyone, from families and friends to locals and visitors, to join future editions of the Temburong Farmers Market.


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