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As the festive season of Aidilfitri draws closer, dUCk, the renowned modest brand is pleased to unveil its 2023 Raya Collection that embodies the true essences of the celebration. This year’s collection The Ikatan dUCk draws inspiration from tikar mengkuang, a traditional mat commonly used in Malaysian homes, and aims to create an emotional legacy that is filled with happier memories for its customers.

Aidilfitri is a time when families comes together, strengthening the bond between loved ones and keeping traditions alive. dUCk understands the importance of celebrating this meaningful occasion and has crafted a collection that reflects the spirit of Aidilfitri. Each design in the collection is thoughtfully crafted with intricate details, showcasing the rich heritage and culture of Malaysia.

Tikar mengkuang has been used for generations in Malaysian home, adding warmth and comfort to gatherings with family and friends. This year, dUCk has taken inspiration from this traditional mat and created a collection that not only pays homage to its history but also elevates it with modern designs.

“Everything happens on the tikar mengkuang. Families eat together, cousins gather to play or nap together, even getting lectured by our grandparents on the mat. The mat holds so many memories from our childhood, each weave as a symbol to the bond we have strengthened over the years. I’m thrilled this became dUCk’s inspiration this year’s Eid and hope our customers will like it.” said Vivy Yusof, the found of dUCk.

The dUCk 2023 Raya Collection includes a wide range of products, from scarves and shawls to bags and accessories. Each design is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that it carries the essence of the true meaning of Aidilfitri.

The dUCk 2023 Raya Collection is now available for purchase at all dUCk stores and online at .

Join us in celebrating the festive season with dUCk’s latest collection that embodies the spirit of Aidilfitri.


The Ikatan dUCk (Full Collection)

The full collection, drawing inspiration from tikar mengkuang and its art of weaving made up the bulk of it. Made from Satin Silk, each weave and each strip is illustrated slowly to ensure no detail is missed. Little dUCk silhouettes peppered through the design, subtle to be a dUCkie’s mutual secret. An exclusive hanging charm is attached with the tikar mengkuang weave element. The scarf is packed inside an exclusive hard box — something so distinct with dUCk, the dUCk box. It comes in Shawl and Square Scarf with 6 colours namely, Abadi, Kenangan, Bersama, Sempurna, Istimewa, and Jalinan.

The scarf retails at RM300.

The Ikatan dUCk (Minimal Collection)

Just as beautiful, but for the minimalist dUCkies, this scarf has the weaved detailing sparsed through with little dUCk silhouettes. Perfect to complement a printed Eid outfit. It also comes with a hanging charm, and a note from D. Beautifully packed in a custom collectible box, it comes in Shawl and Square Scarf with 8 colours namely, Mesra, Cinta, Manis, Akrab, Karib, Erat, Teguh, and Indah.

The scarf retails at RM250.

The Ikatan dUCk Ready-To-Wear (Luxe Collection)

dUCk’s detailed craftsmanship shows through the Luxe Collection. Iterations of the iconic woven structure are accentuated in the Luxe edition with the detailed beading and weaving techniques for a refined touch. The apparel comes in 6 colours, Ikatan Raglan Set – Luxe Edition in White, Ikatan Draped Sleeves Set – Luxe Edition in Emerald, Ikatan Weaved Yoke Set – Luxe Edition in Black, Ikatan Weaved Yoke Set – Luxe Edition in Pink, Ikatan Cape Set – Luxe Edition in Navy, and Ikatan Kaftan Set – Luxe Edition in Beige.

The set retails at RM850.

The Ikatan dUCk Ready-To-Wear (Basic Collection

Under the basic collection, the traditional fit is revisited with signature detailing that gives a fashion focus. The apparel comes in 5 colours, Ikatan Jalinan Puff Sleeves in Teal, Ikatan Indah Puff Sleeves in Lilac, Ikatan Kenangan Cape Set in Yellow, Ikatan Sentiasa Mermaid Dress in Pink, and Ikatan Sempurna Feather Sleeves Dress in Fuschia.

The set retails at RM550.

The Ikatan dUCk Diyana Bag

This chic structured flap bag is a crowd favourite and has become a must-have accessory for any outfit.

The Diyana Ikatan bag is designed with a top handle and comes with a long strap, allowing dUCkies to style it in their own unique way. The top handle is adorned with weaved detail, inspired by the traditional tikar mengkuang, adding a touch of elegance to the bag. The body of the bag is debossed with dUCk’s classic monogram, while the flap features the signature dUCk silhouette that is present in all dUCk bags.

The Diyana Ikatan bag comes in two sizes, Mini and Micro, and is available in 5 colours, including black, nude, navy, oyster, and fuchsia. This versatile bag is perfect addition to any outfit whether it is for a formal occasion or a casual day out.

Diyana Ikatan Mini retails at RM380 and Diyana Ikatan Micro retails at RM350.

The Ikatan dUCk Accessories and Prayerwear

For the scarves, there are also accessories to complement — a D-monogram chin pinset that is a must-have, as well as a simple dUCk scarf ring. Each comes in a purple hard box, making it perfect as a Ramadhan gift to loved ones. D Shaped Ring is available in Silver/Gold/Rose Gold retails at RM90 and Chin pin set retails at RM90.

With the mengkuang details, the prayerwear recalls our moments of peace and comfort. May out iteration of the iconic woven structure foster moments of closeness and fortifies your bond. Retailing at RM400.


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