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by Jia Ying Chia


The all-Bruneian creative team behind ‘Genesis’ hopes that the local comic book will inspire readers to care for the environment, according to write Khai Anwar during the Genesis Launch at Two Sons Coffee shop. ‘Genesis’ takes place in an alternate world affected by a pandemic where mankind has adapted to a world of isolation; the story follows five teenagers on the island of Borneo who remain connected online. The crux of Genesis is mankind’s relationship with nature and the environment, and the story is told through the perspective of the younger generation. 


This was an intentional choice, Khai explained, as the youth are the leaders of tomorrow and everything in human history that has affected the planet will be their burden to undo. Made possible with support from the US Embassy’s Small Grants Program, an initiative to support local projects in a number of areas, a limited run of 3000 copies will be made available and distributed free of charge to schools, libraries and cafes across Brunei. 

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