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It’s a Real (A_TAS) Vibe by Jordan Wong

Here at BiG, we stan our local creatives—especially when they’re as cool as Sabahan visual artist Jordan Wong. His creative brand A_TAS is an open book when it comes to laying out his signature funky style, reeling you into a world bathed in his psychedelic colour scheme where perpetually eye-rolling characters roam free. An abbreviation of “A Something Tells A Story”, Wong’s latest A_TAS art project “INTERIOR MOOD” is next-level storytelling as he details milestones in his life, big and little—from his “best haircut experience from my barber friend Wilson” to his appreciation of TV show Breaking Bad—in 100 art pieces. All of which he hopes to exhibit one day, given the chance.

As a freelance graphic designer in the day, Wong is adamant that A_TAS will be a creative brand which gradually covers all manner of art forms, from illustration or painting to streetwear, toys, music, sneaker culture and photography. For custom artwork, shoot him a friendly Instagram DM or head over to where his prints are shipped worldwide.



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