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Haji Munchit & Hajah Dayang Rapiah Complex
Kg Jaya Setia, Berakas, BD2713
Brunei Darussalam

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BiG Scoop: Crunchy Local Goodness

I don’t think you’ve ever tasted Spring Rolls like these. These are light and crunchy rolls, packaged fantastically, and as of now, offering three different flavours with fetching names: Karitastic (curry), Ayam-mazing (chicken) and Corn-fident (corn). The endeavor began from its two partners’, Majidah Rapidi and Liyana Hj Adanan, final year project at UNISSA. Looking for inspiration made the two realise that there were not a lot on offer in terms of premium local snacks from Brunei. They chose the name KARUP from the Bruneian term ‘Karup-Karup’ which means crispy or crunchy, and a business was born. The two partners handle everything from production to packaging, with a keen eye on design and a keener taste for premium snacks made to please the local tongue. The result is a perfect snack to munch on at home, to share with friends, or as a gift for tourists to bring a taste of Brunei back home.

Tel: 673-8196359


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