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Turning Heads with Neng Kho Razali’s Turbans

Neng Kho Razali styling one of her turban designs

Neng Kho Razali is someone who understands exactly what it takes to make a fashion statement. Rocking turbans and serving colourful head gear in her everyday looks, it was never her intention to create her own fashion line of head accessories. But caving in to many enquiries from interested parties including cancer patients and survivors, Neng officially began creating customized turbans of all kinds for her new customers. From expressing her creativity through shawl turbans, head wraps and ready-to-wear head gears to participating in events such as the Rainforest Fringe Festival: Sarawak Theatre of Clothes and representing Malaysia in the World Ikat Textile Fashion Show, it seems that there’s nothing you can’t do with the confidence boost a well-coiffed turban by Neng Kho Razali gives you.

1st Flr, Lot 14299,
SL 14, Block 6,
Metrocity, Matang Road,
93050 Kuching

IG: @neng.kho.razali