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War Paints from Mystic Miniatures

So games and paint brushes don’t exactly make for the most obvious pairing in the world, but as far as Mystic Miniatures is concerned, it is! The online store is a haven for local Warhammer players, housing a wide selection of Games Workshop products including miniatures, painting kits and other hobby items to enhance the gaming experience. With plans to open their first physical branch in Kiulap this year, Mystic Miniatures owner Damian Wong hopes to expand the Warhammer community by providing a platform for customers to hold matches, paint and engage with fellow gamers. So if Warhammer sounds like something that floats your boat, Mystic Miniatures offers a portal leading to a whole new world and experience.

Tel: 673-8893968
FB: @MysticMiniatures
IG: @MysticMiniatures

This article first appeared in the April-June 2019 “Sweet Side of Borneo” issue of Borneo Insider’s Guide magazine.


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