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Sweet Treats À La Petite Maison

A cheeky French translation of “The Little Abode” which was the name of Rev Chai’s previous macaron brand in Los Angeles before he relocated back to Kuching, La Petite Maison is the epitome of the phrase “quality over quantity”. A one man’s show through and through, from the package design of every gift set to surveying only the best natural and organic ingredients, each detail is carefully curated down to the T. While the good news is that his bestselling madeleines are available all year round (and soon the pineapple cheese tarts!), we also recommend checking out the seasonal menu items such as the Oolong Red Bean Shanghai Mooncake from the Mid-Autumn Festival gift box or the Earl Grey Biscotti from the incredibly festive Christmas gift set. If you think the baked goods look too good to eat, wait until you get a look at the gorgeous packaging they come in.

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IG: @lpmkuching


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