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Gourmet Delights at URBN Kitchen

by Pauline Chan

If I had more than two thumbs, I would put them all up. It’s not often that one can throw up multiple thumbs for a new dining destination in Brunei. We’re talking about our dinner experience at the newly opened URBN Kitchen, hidden in that little-known Purnama Complex in Kiulap.

Let’s start with service. Their leading hostess Elaine took service with a smile to new heights. Not only did she guide us through the menu with a polished performance, she cheerfully fulfilled our mundane requests and checked on our needs from time to time throughout dinner.

Food. It is obvious the chefs put as much emphasis on food presentation as taste. The plating is creative, tantalising your eyes first before attempting to seduce your taste buds. If you are tired of unexceptional offerings burdened by intense flavours and overpowering seasonings that pervade our dining industry, then your palate will be relieved because here, the ingredients are allowed to shine in recipes thoughtfully created by the chefs. Even the drinks are made refreshingly light to complement your meal instead of competing to dominate your senses. We would gladly have had second helpings of their Caramalized Oyster Mushroom, Compressed Lamb, Salmon with Creamy Caviar Pasta, Braised Green Mussels and the Tokyo Sour Sky dessert.

Finally, a gourmet meal that respects the ingredients, true and authentic without the flashy prices. URBN Kitchen is a long awaited addition to the culinary scene in our city.

Follow URBN Kitchen on Instagram or visit them at:

A5, Grd Flr, Purnama Complex, Kg Kiulap
Tel: 673-8646793

This article first appeared in the January-March 2017 issue of Borneo Insider’s Guide magazine.



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