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Roasted Sip – Brunei’s Latest Coffee Roaster

by Intan Abu Daniel

Over the span of a decade, Brunei’s coffee scene has progressed from an ice-blended mochaccino from Coffee Zone to a cup of hand brewed coffee made from a blend of exotic coffee beans roasted in-house as prepared by Kapra, the first local coffee roastery. Today, the coffee community is stronger than ever, and arriving just in time to this local coffee craze is Roasted Sip – a boutique coffee roastery and retailer.

A trendy café located at the Jerudong Complex, the black-paned glass entrance lets light at the front, and the inside has all the hipster trimmings of bare bricks and bare bulbs, with an organized mishmash of chairs and tables, framed pictures and coffee paraphernalia on the shelves. In the center of it all is a beautiful marble-topped counter with brass lamps hanging above, and behind that, a glass room where the coffee beans are roasted.

But the interior is not going to matter one iota to the local coffee aficionados, because the coffee they serve at the Roasted Sip is the real deal. Roasting is their main business, and specialty-grade Arabica beans are roasted in-house and then brewed with just the right amount of balance. Their coffee selections cater to all kinds of coffee lovers: the flat whites are velvety smooth, the lattes not overly sweet, and we are obsessed with the vintage cappuccino – a crème-brulee style cappuccino that is flame-torched before served. Their cold-brew drinks will wake you up in a cheery instant, served in a glass bottle to chug from. A shout-out has to go to the Jellatte, a unique cold coffee beverage that tastes like a refined caffeine version of the local cincau (grass jelly) drink.

Their Drip Coffee selection is small but spectacular, and most noteworthy is the V60 Pour that was mellow enough to slowly sip and savour – and very likely to keep you up and wide-eyed for the rest of the night.

But if you’re a brew-it-yourself kind of coffee drinker, they also have a selection of in-house roasted coffee beans to take home.

A simple menu offers a handful of quality snacks and three selections of tea for the friend who doesn’t drink coffee. Garlic Danish Sausage, Matcha Bar and Mini-Salted Egg Croissant, good enough on its own, but never taking the limelight away from the coffee beverages.

Roasted Sip is open from 7am to 7pm from Mondays to Thursdays, and 7am to 10pm from Fridays to Sundays, and is located at:

Unit 3, Ground Floor,
Blk D, Spg 508, Jerudong Complex
Jerudong, Brunei

For regular updates, follow them on Instagram at @roastedsip.