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The crowd cheers with vigour, as parades of colourful people march diligently around the field at the National Stadium in Berakas — just one of the many memorable moments in the celebration of Brunei’s 40th year of independence. Hari Kebangsaan Brunei 40 this year was a glorious day of remembrance and utmost national pride, and truly a spectacle that will live on in the minds of future generations. 

Ricky Ang, a Senior Life Advisor at GoodLife Financial Planning, said that immersed in the vibrant spirit of unity and pride, Brunei Darussalam’s 40th National Day celebration “was breathtaking testament to our nation’s journey and resilience. Witnessing the sea of citizens coming together in such a grand display of patriotism and love for our country fills my heart with immense pride. Together, we stand strong, united in our diversity, rich in our heritage, and unwavering in our path towards progress and prosperity”.

Aqil Fikry, a Senior Lab Technician at UTB, who participated in a performance this year added that “as a civil servant myself, I felt honoured to be part of this year’s National Day, in the Human LED team. Preparation was done over a week prior to ensure everything went smoothly. During rehearsals, everyone worked together really well despite the humid weather and one the day itself, I was excited to see everyone with full patriotic spirit even though it was raining for quite a bit before the event started. All and all I’m glad that event went well and it was a success.” 

Social media was also abuzz with the events and festivities that typically take place in the capital area close to the waterfront and Padang SOAS annually, and had been moved to the original location of Brunei’s declaration of independence in 1984 for this massive celebration. “It was a really special day, and so unique to experience this in my lifetime.” said Haafiz A., a 28-year-old designer from Brunei Muara. “We usually watch the events from home in the morning, but since it’s the 40th National Day, we really couldn’t miss going early and being in the stadium,” he added saying his family had booked their tickets early to ensure they were able to get seats as they heard it was limited entry to the stadium. 

This year’s celebrations included a special parachute flight entry into the stadium by Pasukan Payung Terjun ABDB, marching processions from the various communities and civil servants of Brunei, and special performances that include the seven puak (tribes) of Brunei. 



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