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Perhaps the idea of an eco-friendly future is not that far fetched after all. Guests from all over Brunei and other countries gathered at the Radisson Hotel in Bandar for the Sustainable Future Forum, for a day of what many called fruitful and productive discussions and insights. 

Distinguished speakers from Baiduri Bank, Brunei Shell Petroleum, Petronas and more, gace their thoughts and suggestions on building a sustainability-conscious economy, and the challenges associated with it. YAM Pg Muda Dr. Abdul Fattah, Chairman of Baiduri Bank was there to give some opening remarks on the overarching theme of the Forum — “Mission Possible: Sustainability in Action” — emphasising the importance of taking steps towards a sustainable lifestyle. Attendees were challenged to think more that just cost as an indicator of value in implementing sustainable strategies.

Louise Mabulo, who is the founder of Project Cacao, a typhoon relief movement that grew into a successful Agri-forest company, brought some extra star power to the event as a United Nations Young Champion of the Earth. Young Activists Summit Laureate and featured honoree on the Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia list. She, as well as many of the other speakers throughout the Forum, pointed out dialogue as one of the key ways to open up new opportunities for people, and for new ideas to take root. 

The forum provided much food for thought. Whether you’re an accomplished leader in business, a risk-taking entrepreneur looking into more progress, or an eager yet uncertain student, there’s a Sustainability Champion in all of us, just waiting to do our thing. 

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