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You might just have a new way to spend time at the inaugural +673 Hobby fest! The first ever convention to focus on hobbies and crafts in the nation saw close to 4000 attendees filling the Peak Club Hall over two days. The lively event dedicated to all hobbyists saw a wide range of vendors showcasing and selling items across categories like board games, manga, cosplay, craft and textile art, as well as colourful cosplay outfits. A freeplay arena, E-sports Tournament and Diecast Kustom competition were also held during the festival.

Praising the success of the event, organisers reported that many vendors sold our of items and gained great customer reach, amongst creating a new culture in different types of hobby categories. “We’d like to showcare more niche hobby sectors, and the event is open to any hobby such as flower arrangement, sculpting, toys, remote controlled cars. However, venue limits space and has certain restrictions so we may not be able to accommodate other interested parties,” said representatives from +673 Hobby Fest.

It was certainly eye-opening and heartwarming to see how different communities in the country gravitated towards what Oxford Languages defines as “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure”.Rare and collectable items were also on show for keen eyes, including the complete LUCIFER collection and the ARKHAM ASYLUM 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition from the Brunei Comic Book Hunter. If you missed it, fear not as the event is slated to return this February!


IG: @673hobbyfest


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