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Volume One of the Road to Revolution Parade festival series kicked off with a headbanging success this year as hundreds of concert goers welcomed the annual event back to Miri, Sarawak. Following the success of the inaugural event last year, which included a roster of award-winning bands and musicians from around Borneo and Malaysia, this year’s series of Revolution Parade events will continue the tradition of showcasing Asian artists across multiple genres of music. “This year, we are looking to bring in more big names in the industry like KILMS and Modern Guns from Indonesia, Salam Musik, and Zee Avi from Malaysia,” revealed by Ifwat Syamsar from Bruneian indie label and organiser, Revolution Road.

While the event may be affiliated mostly with metal and rock music, ifwat hopes to continue expanding the scope of Revolution Parade by incorporating more genres such as hip-hop into the lineup, and increasing space for vendors. “One of our goals at Revolution Records is to create a platform for our local musicians and arts enthusiasts, where they can express their talent and gain experience by performing alongside well-known musicians all across the regions.”

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