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A Cultural Welcome with ‘Horizon’ – a Solo Art Exhibition by Osman Mohammad

Local veteran artist Hj Osman bin Hj Mohammad poses with Guest of Honour Awg Wardi bin Hj Mohammad Ali at the ‘Horizon’ solo art exhibition

‘Horizon’, the solo art exhibition by Osman Mohammad which is held in conjunction with the Brunei December Festival, is currently guaranteeing that any visitor arriving to Brunei from now until 11 January, will be greeted with beautiful views of Brunei Darussalam from the eyes and hands of one very talented man.

The solo art exhibition will be available for all to see from 21 December 2019 to 11 January 2020, and is located at the Arrival Hall of the Brunei International Airport.

The talented man in question, Hj Osman bin Hj Mohammad, is a local veteran artist with a body of work that has spanned three decades, and who has displayed his works in recent exhibitions ‘Moments’ held in Brunei, the Brunei Art Exhibition held in Malaysia, and the Paintings at Travel Fair in Incheon Korea. He is currently the Creative Director of Creative Space Art Gallery & Studio.

The event held its opening at the venue on 26 December 2019, where it was attended by Yang Mulia Awang Wardi bin Haji Mohammad Ali, the Deputy Permanent Secretary of Tourism.

Far above providing beautiful scenery for visitors arriving through Brunei International Airport, and therefore introduce the idea to our visitors that the local art scene in Brunei is filled with such talent, the purpose of the art exhibition is to also highlight the beauty of the airport itself as an interesting meeting point as well as a Case Study for Design and Art.

Along with the art exhibition, several art activities will also be held, which includes art workshops that will give the public and interested art students a fantastic opportunity to interact with and learn from Hj Osman bin Hj Mohammad, and learn more about the elements of art and principles of design he uses in creating his works. This includes an Illustrative Art Workshop – a ‘Story-telling with Illustration’ for aspiring and professional illustrators; and a Watercolours Exploration that will highlight and explore watercolour themes, which will have interested participants exploring and learning how to paint the airport landscape, façade and more.

The event also held an Artists’ Impression of the Brunei International Airport, that had at least 40 participants walking around the airport doing Artists’ Impressions in the aim of highlighting and beauty and features of the Brunei International Airport.

‘Horizon’ – a solo art exhibition by Osman Mohammad – is held at the Arrival Hall of the Brunei International Airport from 21 December 2019 to 11 January 2020. The event is held in conjunction with the Brunei December Festival. Keep yourself updated with more events held this month by following Brunei Tourism on Instagram, Facebook, or by checking out their website or the Brunei Events website.


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