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A Greater Spectacle at UBD  Impact 2017

by Intan Abu Daniel

Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s (UBD) annual Art and Creative Technology (ACT) graduation exhibition kicked off on 20th February 2017, displaying the works of art of 54 final year Art and Creative Technology (ACT) students at the Art Gallery in the Chancellor Hall on the UBD campus.

“Impact 2017: A Greater Spectacle” marks the fifth annual graduation exhibition organized by UBD, and like its predecessors, the range of work is remarkable. From original paintings to sculptures, even animated video games, each artwork is an individual’s expression of views and concepts of subjects ranging from personal struggle and loss to social and cultural issues.

The exhibition began with an opening ceremony which saw the attendance of guest of honour Associate Professor Dr Joyce Teo Siew Yean, Assistant Vice-Chancellor of UBD.

“Through inventive imagination and artistic exploration, these 54 final year students have applied their art and design abilities to create new means of expressing views and concepts involving subjects of what they see and what they feel,” Dr Joyce Teo said in her speech. “This exhibition proves, once again, how contemporary art and design can be a valuable component for connecting together the young generation’s creativity and thought through powerful visual expressions.”

The journey of these 54 talents over the past four years of ACT studies has culminated into this ambitious Greater Spectacle. And while each artwork may reflect the individual expression of each student, the collective effort of the 54 final year ACT students reflects one sure thing: that Brunei’s future in the art and creative industry is looking very bright indeed.

The” Impact 2017: Art and Design Graduation Exhibition – A Greater Spectacle” will be held at the Art Gallery, Chancellor Hall, on the UBD campus from 12 April to 20 May 2017. The exhibition is open to the public.

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Images by Aiman Omar Ali