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Living your best life is what we want for you, and that’s why GoodLife Financial Planning’s Professional Financial Planning Advice centres around Protection, Accumulation and Preservation of your Wealth!

Working with Ricky on insurance policies for my family has been an absolute breeze. He’s been really friendly, highly approachable, very understanding, but most importantly for me — he hasn’t been pushy in any way. In fact, he looks out for us in term of our insurance coverage — he finds potential gaps where our existing coverage wasn’t addressing and working out a timeline that suits us best so we can handle it financially. Thanks, Ricky!

I’m (relatively) young, fit and mostly healthy, do I really need to think about insurance? And how does this help me in the long run?

Ricky: Just like the best sunblock out there, great coverage leads to the best protection you can have for life’s curveballs such as small accidents with a personal accidental plan, something a bit more for critical illnesses or help with supplementing income if you choose to stop work due to an illness. There happen when we least expect it and being prepared will give you peace of mind — especially as treatments can be costly!

Consultations are important so I can make sure you have the right coverage and building blocks in place to still live life to the fullest without added worries of nasty hospital bills or charges that you weren’t expecting to pay for. This could be visits to the chiropractor, physiotherapists or just a visit to the doctor. 

I give you the luxury of getting a second opinion overseas, fast tract treatment by giving you the option to do it elsewhere or even to take time off so you can give yourself the best chance at recovery when you need it the most. 

I wasn’t sure where or how to start investing and because confidentiality is key for me, it was great to work on my savings plans with someone like Ricky. He is someone I know i can trust and always has my best interests at heart.


So what values do you carry Certified Financial Planner?

Ricky: Be prepared in all aspects of life. As important as it is to start to put all plans in place, everyone has their own pace. At GoodLife Financial Planning, I believe that the greatest things for success are learning and support. We provide Financial Courses, Awareness Talks, help people stay educated and give back to the GoodLife Community with community events and awareness programmes. 

My focus is client welfare and satisfaction so if you’re happy, I’m happy! Whether you know exactly what your financial plan needs or need a little more help sorting things out, I am here to find the best solutions for you and your family. 

He patiently takes the time to explain things I don’t understand — even if I ask the same questions multiple times. He’s always ready to help if I have a concern too! I feel so much better knowing my future is now more secure with Ricky’s help and advice on my chosen investments.

What actions plans have you put in place for yourself towards living a GoodLife?

Ricky: Building a better future doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why my own financial plan has evolved since the day  I started working. I carry the same values in everything I do for my clients. To make sure a comprehensive financial plan has you protected from now and later, with progressive wealth building tools that can take the worry off your shoulders when it’s time for you to retire, you’ll be able to just the way you want. 

Contact Ricky Ang at +673 8837171 for a complimentary consultation and have a casual chat over coffee. 



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