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Get ready for a thriller with Envoy Film’s new horror flick titled ‘Kabus’ ! This modern Hollywood take on the classic tale of a pontianak haunting will likely have you scurrying back to your cars from the cinema thanks to this creepy story centred around a young barista who must face his traumatic past and torment from the entity that has re-entered his life. Written and produced by Haszrul Aizan, and Mahakarya Institute of the Arts Asia graduate Al- Faath at the director’s helm. ‘Kabus’ hopes to frighten audiences young and old with their combination of Western and Asian film influences. 

With Progresif Media and AiTi supporting the fully local production of Kabus, the collaborative effort between Envoy Films and industry players is hoping to be able to find success and further hone their craft with their latest movie offering. 

“It’s still a small industry here (in Brunei) and getting sponsors and budgeting is hard”, explained Al-Faath on location during a shoot day. 

Kabus enters cinemas early this year so keep up with the latest from Envoy Films and catch the horror-fest when it comes out!


IG: @envoy.films


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