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Featuring the perfect blend of cultural heritage, modernisation, innovation and sustainability, the highly anticipated SAGO Festival 2023 (Sarawak Gastronomy Festival) thrilled foodies with two days of yummy, tummy-filling experiences. Hosted by the SAGO Incubator Program (Malaysia’s first food entrepreneurship incubator), the festival delivered inventive culinary offerings, tasty tuak sampling experiences, thought-provoking discussions and cooking demonstrations aimed at reviving indigenous flavours and cultural wisdom.

With over 80 vendors present, crowds were wowed by the special appearance of Chef Febs Asyagaf, a finalist on season eight of Masterchef Indonesia. With the support of industry experts and mentors, eleven food entrepreneurs were chosen this year to attend workshops, masterclasses, demonstrations and had their innovative menus showcased at the festival. From Malay to Chinese, Iban to Bidayuh, and more, SAGO Festival 2023 paid homage to the multicultural essence of Sarawak’s gastronomic landscape. 

“SAGO Festival 2023 not only celebrates the culinary arts but also serves as a platform to honour the multicultural heritage of Sarawak through its vibrant and diverse food offerings,” said a spokesperson for SAGO Incubator. “As we commemorate Sarawak Day, we invite everyone to come together, share in the joy of food, and experience the richness of our multiracial culinary traditions.”



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