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by Jia Ying Chia

When she isn’t parked in front of her multitude of computer monitors working on visual effect editing and post-production solutions for films and TV series, London-based Liyana Mansor can usually found in the great outdoors or somewhere in the world satisfying her travel bug. The 36-year old Bruneian is already making a name for herself with her resume of high-profile projects which include Lucasfilm’s Andor series and Alien: Covenant by Twentieth Century Fox.


Q: In your career so far as a VFX editor, does the shine of working in an industry that most creatives in Borneo would give and arm and leg for, ever wear off?

A: No, the shine of working in the Film and Television industry never wears off for me. Sure, there are hard days as with any endeavour but I absolutely love what I do and feel incredibly lucky to be able to do it for a living. I know there are many creatives out there who would love to have the same opportunity, so I feel very grateful to represent Brunei in a small way and to show other local talent that is achievable. Leaving Borneo was actually a result of family circumstance but in choosing to chase my dream job, I’ve discovered that I can have a career that I’m passionate about and one that enables me to pursue and fund my adventures outside of the cutting room. My best advise would be to not let the fear of the unknown hold you back. We often create barriers for ourselves but the truth is you’ll never know how far you can make it if you don’t try for it Stop waiting for the dream to fall into your lap and start working your way towards it so that you can reach out and grab it yourself. 



Q: Do you gravitate to work opportunities in a particular genre? What has been the most challenging project to take part in so far in that respect?

A: I think that every genre has its own challenges and rewards, and I enjoy working on a variety of productions. That said, I do love watching on shows with Sci-Fi elements. All genres in Film and TV use visual and special effects to aid storytelling, but Sci-Fi and other speculative genres in particular rely on them to a greater degree and in ways that make those projects particularly rewarding. When it comes to  choosing projects, I tend to make choices based on the creatives involved, where the cutting rooms will be located, what the budget is and what I think I can gain the most from the experience i.e Will in challenge me? More importantly, does it sound fun? I’ve had my share of challenging projects. Alien: Covenant was a steep learning curve and demanding in terms of the hours it required, but it also gave me a strong foundation to work up from. Andor was challenging for different reasons. There was a high volume of work involved. Luckily we had a strong and supportive VFX Editorial and VFX Production team, which is just one example of why choosing who you work with can be important. 


Q: You’ve said snacks are an all-important element of a work desk. What are you stocking up on to keep you going and will we find any Bruneian or Bornean favourites on there?

A: I wish Bruneian snacks were easy to come by here in the UK. I would have a pack of Golden Rings cheese crackers on my desk every day. I don’t think my colleagues would appreciate it if i busted a packet of sotong out in the cutting rooms, so that’s probably out of the question. There is the Oxford Street Market Hall where I can get close to traditional roti kosong and curry, which is always a treat. I just need someone to open a kelupis and cakoi stall now and my life would be complete, but the truth is you can’t compete with the real thing, locally made in Brunei. Until then, I settle for Candy Kittens sweets and British shortbread.



Q: When you’re not stuck at a work desk indoors, you seem to be ticking lots of bucket list items! Is there anything you haven’t tried or a place that you haven’t been able to explore yet?

A: I definitely enjoy a bit of adrenaline and excitement in my life, but I also consciously choose to seek out new experiences and adventures. The work I do can be demanding at times and almost necessitates taking the time off I have, and making the most of it. I think it’s important to push yourself outside of your comfort zone occasionally, and I find that exploring the world and trying new things is a great way to do that. I’m also an active person by nature, so I enjoy being involved in a variety of physical activities such as rock climbing, boxing and yoga. The wishlist is still pretty extensive, there is Hawaii, Japan, New York, Iceland and New Zealand! I need to go paragliding, bungee jumping and snowboarding too. Of course, not every day is filled with excitement and adventure. But even on the days when I’m just working away in my darkroom, I know that I’m doing what I love and that I’m lucky to be able to pursue my passion. 



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