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Eid Luxe 2017 by Syomirizwa Gupta

by Shaf Said

Malaysian fashion designer Syomirizwa Gupta took another trip to Brunei last week, 1st April 2017, to showcase his latest designs from his Eid Luxe 2017 collection, featuring a 13 piece collection reminiscent of regal Persian princes and princesses of a bygone time.

Syomir’s inspiration stems from the Empress of Iran, Farah Pahlavi, a social media icon with impeccable taste in fashion. His collection, aptly named “From Persia with Love”, tells stories of a forgotten time, brought to life with vibrant designs. Made in a variety of fabrics and textures to reflect diverse personas, his designs offer a range of brocades, custom prints, silks, jewel tones, organza and tweed.

With a big fan base in Brunei, Syomir’s visit was received with much anticipation. The unveiling of his latest collection was held at a private event in the Armada Rimba estate, attended by esteemed guests, customers and fans.

For more information, visit his website here, or follow Syomir’s work on Instagram.